Micromake Kossel 3D printer


At Minchee Lab, our local fablab here in Macau, we are preparing a new “Make Your Own 3D Printer“ for the coming month. Last time we ran this workshop we used a Prusa i3, very popular but quite long to assemble. It did work but we did not have enough time to properly train the participants on the calibration and software side of it (mainly using Cura).

Micromake Kossel
This time around, we wanted to change and make a Kossel machine, why? to have a different experience (who like to repeat things over and over?) but also those machine are usually faster to assemble and they do have a very unique esthetic.


As we are living in Macau (China), we went to the Micromake version of the Kossel, of course we ordered it on Taobao, the ultimate online shopping mall! We received a nice package, very well thought. The build of the machine itself took us about 5 hours, quite fast compare to the Prusa i3 (it was about 12 hours). I did not make a timelapse video this time :-( but I’ll probably have one during the workshop.


When you print right away after assembling the hardware you most probably end up with a messy print…to say the least! After downloading the Micromake version of Cura (open-source slicer software originally from Ultimaker), you have to use their bed leveling add-on. Not easy to understand at first but once you got it, it works fine.
We also had to tight a bit more screws around the head to avoid vibrations and make it more precise. In the photos below I used an XY test stl file, the marvin keychain and the famous 3DBenchy. Next time we will look at more 3d printed parts for testing several aspects of the printer.