Is open science going to be a reality?


Is it true? Can we soon forget about Sci-Hub, the illegal (but so useful…) website to download the majority of academic paper published in the world? Will we be able to download without restriction any academic papers we are interested in?

We are not yet quite there, but an article from The Guardian is telling us that EU (only EU is concerned for now) is willing to make sure that all research on public (or semi-public) funds are freely available. Finally! Someone get a sense out of this absurd situation where our taxes are paying research that we cannot access. But more importantly it will help to get rid of some of the nasty publishers that lock most academic from their own papers!

I am sure some lobbies are going to wake up and try to put pressure on EU to not vote this regulation. We can only hope that they remain strong in their shoes and understand the importance of such a decision. Pray with me now…