PLA filament and humidity


As I live in Macau and for those who know the place, the humidity here is simply insane! Most of the year we are over 90% of humidity and it is not rare at all to get 99%. I must say that when I go back to Europe I am so enjoying the low level of humidity there, it really change a lot of things in your daily life.

As a maker, humidity is usually considered bad (should I say really bad?). Here at Minchee Lab, we are mostly using PLA for our 3d printers and we regularly facing the same problem: after a while the filament become so brittle and very difficult to use. We did a simple experience to understand whether that would be reversible and find a way to recover those filaments.

We bought a simple sealed box where we put filament rolls inside (of course rolls that have been outside for a long time), we left them there for a week with some dehumidifier (same as closet ones). The difference is quite impressive: the filament is not brittle anymore and we can use it in a more normal way. Check the 2 videos below in my Google+ post to see the difference between before and after.