A programming class for creative people


This year, as a professor, I am teaching again a class named “Programming”, it’s audience is Design students as well as Communication and Media students. Since I have the chance to share this class with one of my colleague/friend, we decided to totally revamp this module. We finally came up with a plan to transform our students into makers…sort of ;-) We are trying to initiate them to this approach with a simple yet challenging project.

The object they are building is pre-defined for them: a cube. Although simple (in order not to loose them on the fabrication side), it allows a lot of possibilities (at least 6 faces…). They have to imagine and make each sides of the cube (engraving and/or cutting) and develop a concept based on their initial research. Meanwhile, we started to introduce them to Arduino (Genuino Uno in our case) for the basic of programming it and let them light up their cube by the end of this module. I agree, C programming language is not the easiest one to learn but we wanted them to make a tangible object that can later (in a second follow-up module) interact with us in some way.

We did not want them just to draw a cube and make it, we wanted them to go through a simple creative process to allow them to explain their journey and understand how creativity is firstly a process. So far their response is rather positive, let see what we got at the end…

The Cube