3D Printing - Don't be afraid of your failure!


Failure…it happens to the best of us! Like everything else, 3d printing has its limitations and shortcomings. Don’t expect the moon…never…at least until you reach it ;-) Here I want to quickly share some pretty impressive photos about my best failures in 3d printing. Do you dare to show yours? Share them on Twitter or Instragram with the tag #fail3dprint.

They are not very special but I was pretty amazed by the deviation from what it was supposed to be!

The first one is probably the best fail ever and very unique, I am sure you will understand why. The end result shape is quite clear on what I got: a piece of sh..! However the expected result was the MakeMagazine Robot, surprising isn’t it? The print was on a Prusa i3 clone from China and the failure was simply due to the print not sticking well to the bed (very basic heated bed and bed leveling issue I suppose).

Best fail ever

The second one I want to show is a recent one, it happened a few weeks back after installing an E3D Ultimaker2 Kit on our original Ultimaker2 (where the original extruder really was not working well at all).

Ultimaker2 with E3D Big fail

Don’t get me wrong, the E3D V6 hotend and the Titan extruder are working like a charm and they are giving back a new life to our Ultimaker 2 machine but this time around I had a big surprise on that morning! I found this mess very artistic, like if the filament liked so much the hotend… ;-)

Here are some photos of other failures, all are saying a unique story: I like this broken Eiffel Tower or the big messy blue cloud!

3dfailprint-02.jpg 3dfailprint-03.jpg 3dfailprint-04.jpg