3D Yan Character on display again!


As you might know, the traditional color for Chinese New Year is red. We thought that our large Chinese character ‘人’ could also meet this tradition. Let’s look at it!

The 3D Chinese Character ‘人’ that we printed in a live exhibition last December has been called for a short exhibition at a local school for their Art Day. For this occasion, we decided to repaint it in red…very Chinese style indeed! It is really beautiful, look at it:

3D Yan Character in Red

It was a bit crazy, moving such a huge piece (2m * 2.2m), gluing it on side since the trunk was not big enough! But at the end, it stands on it own, pretty impressive, isn’t it?
Here are more photos from this 1 day exhibition.

yaninred-01.jpg yaninred-02.jpg yaninred-03.jpg

We have a few more exhibitions coming with this XXL printed character, stay tuned, I’ll post new photos!