3D Printing - Don't be afraid of your failure!

Failure…it happens to the best of us! Like everything else, 3d printing has its limitations and shortcomings. Don’t expect the moon…never…at least until you reach it ;-) Here I want to quickly share some pretty impressive photos about my best failures in 3d printing. Do you dare to show yours? Share them on Twitter or Instragram with the tag #fail3dprint.


Dashboard for Raspberry Pi with Node-Red

It has been a while I wanted to have a simple dashboard to control some basic functions of my raspberry pi(s). Ideally, I would write a lot of code, bake a beautiful UI for mobile phones, etc… But this will never be finished of course! Since I wanted to give a try to Node-Red, I spent some time on it and realize that it has what I would need for my RPi without adding (almost) a line of code and it can even give me a very decent user interface.
Let’s look at it!