Creative Technologist
Coder, maker and teacher, I am passionate about interactive technologies and how to use them in product design as well as artistic installations.

Master in Electrical Engineering from the Université d’Orléans, France, I then worked for several private companies as an Internet Engineer both in France and Macau. I joined the University of Saint Joseph (Macau) in 2009 initially as IT Manager and now full-time as academic in the Faculty of Creative Industries, teaching digital fabrication, 3d modeling as well as programming for creative people. I am also the manager of the digital fabrication lab at USJ.

Co-founder of the first fab lab in Macau (Minchee Lab) as well as member of several international collaborative experimentations such as Museomix and Hack my Church, I like to collaborate with other disciplines to prototype meaningful and innovative interactive artifacts.

I am also pursing a PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts from the Catholic University of Portugal in Porto, focusing my research on interactive technologies and digital fabrication for creative activities with a specific angle on their usage and interaction within museums.

keywords: interactive technologies; museums; digital fabrication; open source hardware and software